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French born René Lalique born in 1860, started out as a jewellery apprentice before studying in London and then working for the houses of Aucoc, Cartier, Boucheron and others before establishing his own art studio. He became one of France’s foremost Art Nouveau designers and ended up as one of the most famous glass designers of the Art Deco period. He is best known for his designs for perfume bottles vases, jewellery, figurines, chandeliers, clocks and in his later years for his iconic car mascots.

Synonymous with creativity and quality, Lalique used some of the most modern and innovative manufacturing techniques including using pressed, mould-blown or lost wax castings for his objet d’arts. He was famous for creating the walls of lighted glass and elegant glass columns for the grand salon of the SS Normandie and his work graces both the entrance to the Coty Fragrance Company headquarters in New York and can be seen in many museums.

Collecting Lalique can be very rewarding and a collector must make sure that pieces are in pristine condition to retain their value, with rarity, colour and finish adding to their desirability. Most of Lalique’s pieces were marked “R Lalique”, often with “France” in matching script and a model number. The “L’ was sometimes elongated and the signature R. Lalique was also used. Pieces made after 1950 are signed in script “Lalique France’ without the original R which was only used during Lalique’s lifetime. Collectors should be watchful for damaged or chipped glass that lowers its value and to be wary of fakes.


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