If you haven’t ever visited the Upper and Lower Levels of Nelson Mandela Square on the first Sunday of every month, then do yourself a favour and pop in between 10am and 4pm this coming Sunday 3rd November and see for yourself.

As far as the eye can see you will see display tables laden with ‘stuff’. Not just any stuff and definitely not ‘junk stuff’ but an array of beautifully crafted items that will catch your eye because of their beauty, their craftsmanship and in many cases their rarity.

Take, for example silver. At the antiques fair you might come across some unusually shaped silver utensils and servers. ‘What are they used for?’ you might ask the antiques dealer. With a lifetime of knowledge about antiques, the dealer will give you the history behind silver utensils that seems foreign to us today – for example:

– The berry spoon – used in the 1800’s when serving berries, or
– The marrow spoon, used by the Victorians to delicately spoon out the marrow out of bones.
– A caddy spoon was used to measure out tea and at Victorian dinner tables special tongs were used to serve asparagus.
– A silver wine cooler, bottle or glass coasters and silver liquor labels for bottles are all high collectable.
– Silver domes, used by the elite at dinner parties, can take on a new role and look great placed strategically on a dining room wall

Not only are these highly collectable depending on their date and maker but they keep alive a tradition long past. Reviving the tradition by using these at your next dinner party or giving them as gifts will ensure that they pass through history from generation to generation.

As the festive season approaches, the dealers, who come from all over the country, will feature collectable items that will make great gifts – from finding that rare coin or bank-note that will be an investment for the future to finding a unique silver, glass or porcelain memento that will not only look good but has intrinsic investment value.

Antiques and collectables are enjoying renewed popularity with more and more people discovering the joys of collecting and realizing the value of investing in beautiful things. Whether you’re an avid collector or a novice simply interested in things old and beautiful, you will find the most amazing collection at the Antiques Fair at Nelson Mandela Square – and at a price to suit all pockets!

As the largest and most successful monthly antiques fair in the country, it has become a famous attraction, not only with local collectors but with the many thousands of tourists who pass through Johannesburg and who marvel at stumbling on such a unique antiques fair equal to any of the top international antique markets.

Add to that the convenience of having the Gautrain just a block away, which makes coming from Pretoria, the East Rand or city centre an easy ride, and you have a great way to spend a Sunday!

The last two antiques fairs for will be held on Sunday 3rd November and Sunday 1st December from 10h00 to 16h00 on the Upper and Lower levels of Nelson Mandela Square. For a preview of what is available from the dealers who participate at the Fair, visit the website on www.ssaf.co.za.

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Find out at the Antiques Fair at Nelson Mandela Square this Sunday the 3rd of November 2019