With the price of precious metals soaring – are you ready to invest in Antique Silver?

If so, then you cannot miss the upcoming Antique Fair on the Upper and Lower Levels of Nelson Mandela Square on Sunday 4th August 2019 where the focus will be on collecting scintillating silver.

Antique silver’s current investment value is once again a reason to buy the precious metal. According to the Wall Street Journal, investors are taking a shine to silver, as a soaring rally in gold puts the spotlight on the less-expensive precious metal. There has been a relative value rotation into silver with prices having risen around 7.5% in July and are at their highest level in more than a year.

According to international antique and art specialists Barnebys, antique silver has been depressed for so long that much of our silver heritage has been melted down and turned into silver bullion instead of retaining its antique form as coffee pots, napkin rings, elaborate bread baskets, candelabra and other ornamental objects. Finally the antique market is showing signs of renewal and has turned a corner and we are seeing a higher interest, and much higher prices for those items that survived the smelting madness. As a savvy investor this is your chance to invest in unique antique silver pieces as an alternative to the stock market, to understand and appreciate the quality and the intrinsic beauty of this ancient and much valued precious metal.

‘The best of the best will continue to hold its value’ is the mantra when investing in art and antiques. The most desirable patterns and makers will elevate the value of a piece beyond its metal value. Jeremy Astflack of The Old Corkscrew in Franschhoek, one of South Africa’s foremost antique silver specialists and an exhibitor at the monthly antique fair at Nelson Mandela Square on the first Sunday of every monthly, has just returned from exhibiting at the prestigious Winter Olympia Art & Antique Fair and believes that the market for top quality silver by the star makers such as Paul Storr, Liberty & Co, and The Barnards is very strong and particularly sought after at present. “The market for the more run of the mill commercial silver is subdued due to the slowing demand brought about by lifestyle changes. The bulk of the middle market reflects this trend with many people eating off trays or in the kitchen. Formal dining and entertainment have waned with only the wealthy enjoying this lifestyle. Consequently, only top-quality silver by the very best makers is showing a spectacular return.”

Where does that leave today’s silver collector?

“The short answer, says Astflack, is to understand that much of the antique silver produced will never be able to be replicated due to high labour costs and at the keen prices seen in the limited antique market. This gives anyone with an eye for good enduring quality the opportunity to carefully buy pieces that in time will find appreciation in the newly emerging markets. Here, as in most markets, knowledge is key and specialist dealers are worth seeking out and approaching with a view to building a long-term relationship of learning and acquisition.”

Not only is investing in antique silver a good investment move, the younger generation are starting to appreciated the ‘green heritage’ and craftsmanship of collecting beautiful silverware and making it a part of their home and lifestyle.

The Antiques Fair at Nelson Mandela Square takes place on the Upper and Lower Levels from 9am to 4pm on Sunday 4th August and features over forty antique dealers who come from all over the country to display all their antique wares – with Sunday 4th August being a special focus on silver.

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