Increasing Global Interest in South African Art


Garden Antiques

After spending years finishing the interior of their homes, collectors turn the focus to their gardens. Leisure time was on the rise by the late nineteenth century, resulting in an increased interest in gardening, conservation, and spending time out-of-doors. The economic gains that made this possible were fueled by the industrial revolution, which saw eager …

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Local Is Lekker – Collecting South African Antiques

South Africa, with its English, Dutch, French and German heritage, has a wealth of antiques and collectables that have been handed down from generation to generation and have become highly sought after by collectors. – From the local craftsmen who created local furniture that could be easily transported during the ‘great trek’, – To the …

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Art Nouveau Furniture By Louis Majorelle (1859-1926)

In the mid to late1800’s luxurious Neo-Classical and Neo-Rococo furniture pieces were all the rage. In the town of Nancy, a young man called Louis-Jean-Sylvestre Majorelle (1859 – 1926) inherited his father’s furniture workshop copying old style furniture and pastiches of Louis XV furniture styles, which he exhibited in 1894 at the Exposition d’Art Décoratif …

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